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Matt Hardy #125 Leg drop on ropes ©Photofile
Matt Hardy #125 Leg drop on ropes ©Photofile
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Matt Hardy began his career on the independent scene with his brother, Jeff Hardy. The Hardy Boyz quickly earned their way to WWE. Upon arriving, Matt displayed impressive aerial and ground techniques that immediately made him one of the most versatile competitors on RAW. Along with Jeff, Matt Hardy has claimed five World Tag Team Championship Belts. Matt has participated in all of the high-profile TLC (tables, ladders and chairs) Matches, and is known for performing high risk moves without thought or regard for his body. In 2000, Matt Hardy enjoyed a reign as Hardcore Champion, and in 2001, defeated Eddie Guerrero for the European Championship.

Alongside Jeff and Lita, Matt helped form the faction Team eXtreme. Matt and Lita think of each other as soul mates, but their relationship has taken a damning turn. Lita learned she was pregnant with the unborn son of the monster Kane, and she ultimately was forced to marry Kane after Matt lost a "Till Death Do Us Part" Match at SummerSlam 2004.

Now that Matt Hardy is etching his place in the stone of singles competition, he continues to entertain fans with his amazing, high-flying ability and his technical mastery of the mat. His trademark hand signal of the V-1 has garnered a fan following for the “Sensei of Mattitude” and fans all over respond to his shout before the Twist of Fate neck breaker and the cheer of “Veeeee-Onnnnnnnaaaaaaah!”

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