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Kurt Angle #119 - Angle Slam ©Photofile
Kurt Angle #119 - Angle Slam ©Photofile
Kurt Angle Photograph
Kurt Angle - #090 ©Photofile
Kurt Angle - #090 ©Photofile
Kurt Angle Poster
Kurt Angle - #088 ©Photofile
Kurt Angle - #088 ©Photofile
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Name: Kurt Angle 
Height: 6 foot 2 
Weight: 220 pounds 
From: Pittsburgh, Penn. 
Finishing Move: Angle Slam/ankle lock 

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Career Highlights: WWE Champion; WWE Tag Team Champion; Intercontinental Champion; European Champion; Hardcore Champion; 2000 King of the Ring; SmackDown! General Manager

Kurt Angle captured national attention in 1996 when he won the 220-pound freestyle wrestling competition at the Olympic Games in Atlanta. To say the least, that was only the beginning of the greatness that is Kurt Angle.

Four years after earning Olympic gold, Angle entered WWE for the first time and earned professional wrestling gold. And then he did it again…and again…and again. Just weeks after entering WWE, Angle won the European Championship. A short time later he earned the Intercontinental Championship and also won the 2000 King of the Ring. Shortly after, Angle defeated The Rock at No Mercy to win the WWE Championship. Not bad for a rookie!

But perhaps Angle’s most memorable accomplishment came in 2003 when he was shelved with a broken neck after a memorable Wrestle Mania encounter with Brock Lesnar. Just a few months later, Angle not only stepped back in the ring, but did so to one of the most thundering ovations in WWE history and soon won back the WWE Championship from Brock Lesnar.

Curt Angle is coming off a stint as General Manager of SmackDown!, where he managed to anger just about everybody on the roster, especially John Cena and Eddie Guerrero. Now's he's back as a competitor looking for another championship reign.



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