Lita - WWE Diva


Name: Lita
From: Sanford, N.C.
Finishing Move: DDT, moonsault 
Career Highlights: Women's Champion 
Current Events: Lost Women's Championship to Trish Stratus at New Year's Revolution; suffered a torn ACL in that match and will require major surgery.

Associates: Kane (her husband); Matt Hardy

Lita always lived the lifestyle of a free spirit. As a teenager, she played drums for a rock band, and even trained in kickboxing and martial arts. She likes to play rough, has tattoos that express her free-spirited feelings and her exotic red hair accentuates the beauty within the rebel. She began her trek into sports-entertainment in Mexico and learning the luchadore style. In 1999, she was offered a deal with ECW and became a valet who would get physically involved if provoked. While in ECW, she trained and graduated from the famous Funking Conservatory which ran by Dory Funk. Lita signed with WWE in early 2000 and her career took off.

She originally came into WWE at the side of a popular athlete from Mexico named Essa Rios. However, her wild side became more apparent, and she left Rios to form Team eXtreme with Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy. With the Hardys, Lita was able to show off her incredible talents, performing high risk and complex moves that no female competitor has ever seen used. Her abilities that were highlighted while a member of Team eXtreme made her a hot commodity in WWE. It wasn’t long before Lita was wearing championship gold, as she defeated Stephanie McMahon in August 2000 for the Women’s Championship.

In mid-2002, Lita suffered a neck injury while filming on the set of the WB’s Dark Angel. However that would not take her away from the scene, as while she was undergoing rehab for her neck and back, she became a color commentator on WWE Sunday Night HEAT. During her period of healing she also donated time and effort to many charities, such as local animal shelters and pet hospitals. In 2003, the fiery red-head made her return to RAW and has been in the thick of things ever since.

Lita #129 On Knees ©Photofile
Lita #129 On Knees ©Photofile
Lita Pictures
Lita #130 - Posing infront of beach ©Photofile
Lita #130 - Posing infront of beach ©Photofile
Lita Photo
Lita - #066 ©Photofile
Lita - #066 ©Photofile
WWE Diva Lita Picture
Lita #128 - On Wall ©Photofile
Lita #128 - On Wall ©Photofile
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Lita - #050 ©Photofile
Lita - #050 ©Photofile
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