Stacy Keibler - WWE Diva


Name: Stacy Keibler
Height: 5 foot 11 
From: Baltimore, Md. 
Finishing Move: Roundhouse kick

She’s got legs -- really long legs -- and she knows how to use them ... and millions of WWE fans thank her for that every single week. Stacy Keibler is not only one of the youngest and hottest WWE Divas, but her combination of natural beauty, angelic smile, and legs that never seem to end leave WWE fans and Superstars alike gasping in awe every time she hits the ring.

The world of sports entertainment first got a look at the Baltimore native in the old WCW. Quickly, her stunning looks captured the attention of millions of fans everywhere and when she finally hit the WWE scene, she was an instant hit. Whether it was as a valet to the Dudleys or Test, or simply a trip to the ring on her own, Keibler is one Diva who is always camera-friendly. In fact, it was Stacey Keibler who earned the cover shot for the hit WWE publication, Divas Undressed -- one of the hottest-selling WWE magazines ever. Whether she is strutting her stuff on television or posing for the cameras, Keibler’s talent is unmistakable and her popularity is undeniable.

And when it is time to mix it up in the ring, Stacey Keibler uses her 5 foot 11 frame to quickly gain an advantage on her opponents, proving, once again, that she’s got legs, and she knows how to use them.

Stacy Keibler - #75 ©Photofile
Stacy Keibler - #75 ©Photofile
Stacy keibler Pictures
Stacy Keibler - #049 ©Photofile
Stacy Keibler - #049 ©Photofile
Stacey Keibler Photo
Stacy Keibler #96  - Wrestlemania ©Photofile
Stacy Keibler #96 - Wrestlemania ©Photofile
Stacy Keebler Pic
Stacy Keibler - # 014 ©Photofile
Stacy Keibler - # 014 ©Photofile
Stacy Keibler WWE Diva

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