Torrie Wilson - WWE Diva


Name: Torrie Wilson
Height: 5 foot 7 
From: Boise, Idaho

They grow lots of things on the farms of Boise, Idaho – potatoes, corn and wheat among them. But of all the things that come from Boise farms, Torrie Wilson may be the most appetizing. The luscious Torrie Wilson  is one of the blonde bombshells of WWE, a former fitness model who has won numerous  championships and has appeared on the cover of countless magazines. When she got to Boise State University, she became a nutrition major and quickly learned how to incorporate physical fitness and proper diet into a healthy lifestyle. In 1998, when she was crowned Miss Galaxy.

Torrie Wilson broke into the sports-entertainment business with WCW in 1999. In June 2001, she made her WWE debut. Since then, she has made WWE fans stand and take notice, as the sight of Torrie in a bikini is sure to make anyone weak in the knees! In May 2003 and again in March 2004 she was on the cover of Playboy Magazine. The latter appearance was a historical spread with fellow SmackDown! Diva Sable -- making them the first Diva Duo to ever grace the pages of Playboy!

She’s also not afraid to put on wrestling tights and mix it up in the ring. With her unique combination of in-ring talents and stunning beauty, Torrie can do whatever she wants in WWE.

Torrie Wilson - #77 ©Photofile
Torrie Wilson - #77 ©Photofile
Torrie Wilson Picture
Torrie Wilson - #057 ©Photofile
Torrie Wilson - #057 ©Photofile
Torrie Wilson Pic
Torrie Wilson - #070 ©Photofile
Torrie Wilson - #070 ©Photofile
Torrie Wilson Photo

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